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Thomas Miller aka Tom Verlaine was was a singer, guitaristAnd songwriter the United States. Tom Verlaine is his stage name which refers to the French symbolist poet Paul Verlaine. He launched his songwriting career in the late 1970s. Tom was best known as the frontman of the New York rock band “Television“. The group never received national prominence, but their deep lyrics made them a favorite among rock aficionados. The group recorded two albums before disbanding. They released eight solo albums from 1979 to 1992. He has won three Grammy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards, and in 2006 he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Unfortunately, rock musician, Tom Verlaine dies at 73 due to a brief illness.

What was Tom Verlaine’s ethnic origin?

Tom Verlaine was welcomed by his parents on December 13, 1949. His birthplace was in Denville, New Jersey. Born in the United States, Tom was American in regards to his nationality. His ethic race was American-French because he was born of a French father and an American mother. Finally, the singer celebrated his 73rd birthday on December 13, 2022. Tom Verlaine was not his real name but Thomas Miller was his birth name. He was born into a Jewish family and he is Judaism by religion. Tom and his family, including an older sister, moved to Wilmington when he was six years old. He studied piano at an early age but later switched to saxophone in college after hearing a Stan Getz record. For his studies, Tom Verlaine attended Thomas McKean High School and then Sanford School, a boarding school he attended with punk icon, Richard Hell (Richard Meyers). Later he went to Erskine College for his further studies.

The musical career of Tom Verlaine

  • Tom Verlaine, during his adolescence, had the idea to take up the guitar after hearing “19th Nervous Breakdown” by the Rolling Stones. From an early age, he was interested in writing and poetry. Verlaine with his school friend, Richard Hell, formed “the Neon Boys”, recruiting drummer Billy Ficca. Later, the group disbanded.
  • Verlaine then reformed the rock group “Télévision”. The band’s most prominent lineup consisted of Tom Verlaine (vocals, guitar), Richard Lloyd (guitar), Billy Ficca (drums), and Fred Smith (bass). The group released two albums, “Marquee Moon” and “Adventure”, to great critical acclaim and modest sales before disbanding in July 1978.
  • He released his first self-titled solo album “Tom Verlaine” in 1979. The album was followed by Dreamtime (1981), Words from the Front (1982), Cover (1984), Flash Light (1987), The Wonder (1990 ), Warm and Cool (1992, reissued 2005), and The Miller’s Tale: A Tom Verlaine Anthology (1996).
  • In the 1990s, he collaborated with various artists, including Patti Smith, and composed film music for Love and a .45. In the early 1990s, the group, Television, reformed to record a studio album “Television” and a live recording “Live at the Academy, 1992”.

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  • His last solo album was “Songs and Other Things” which was released in 2006. In 2012 he collaborated with former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha on his second solo album “Look to the Sky”.

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Who was Tom Verlaine married to?

Tom Verlaine had been married to Lizzy Mercier Descloux since 1997 according to the sources. They have two children together; their daughter Molly was born in 1998 and their son Jack was born in 2001. The family lived a happy life before Tom’s death.

Previously, Patti Smith, a musician and poet, is said to have had a romantic relationship with Verlaine in the past. Their romance began after they met in the New York punk rock scene. Throughout their career, Patti and Tom have collaborated on several projects. On his 69th birthday, Smith wrote a tribute to Verlaine on Instagram: “There is no one like Tom, synthesizing Coltranesque improvisation, surf music and Sufi mysticism, to form his unique style, set highlighted by the masterful use of the tremolo bar on his Fender Jazz. Master.”

The cause of death of guitarist Tom Verlaine

Tom Verlaine – the lead singer, lyricist and guitarist of punk rock band Television – died in New York City on January 28, 2023, after a brief illness that caused his death. He dies at the age of 73. Jesse Paris Smith, the daughter of Verlaine’s ex, Patti Smith, announces the death of the musician. She said the guitar played died “after a brief illness”. “I met Tom when I was a kid, shortly after my father passed away,” Jesse Paris Smith wrote in a statement. “In him, I felt the energy of a father, a man to cuddle with, to laugh with, to share mischievous jokes and an unbridled imagination.” Tributes poured in on social media from fellow artists remembering Verlaine.

Mike Scott of The Waterboys tweeted – “Tom Verlaine went beyond what his guitar playing ever implied. He was the greatest rock and roll guitarist ever, and like Hendrix could dance spheres of the cosmos to garage rock. It takes on a particular grandeur.”

“Walked past the book stalls outside the Strand yesterday thinking I’d be seeing you as usual, smoking, talking about rare poetry finds for a few hours,” Thurston Moore of Sonic tweeted. Youth. “I will miss you, Tom. TV Rest In Peace.” Flea of ​​the Red Hot Chili Peppers said he’s listened to “Marquee Moon” 1,000 times and “will listen to 1,000 more.” “Tom Verlaine is one of the greatest rock musicians of all time. He has (affected) the way John and I play immeasurably,” he tweeted, referring to guitarist John Frusciante. “Fly on Tom.” “His role in our culture and his genius on the electric guitar was completely legendary,” tweeted Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai.

What was Tom Verlaine’s net worth in 2023?

Tom Verlaine was a well-known singer, guitarist and songwriter whose net worth was estimated at $3 million at the time of his death. He made this impressive fortune from his professional career. He derived most of his wealth from the music industry which was his main source of income. He began his career as a songwriter in the late 1970s with the group “Television”. During his career, Tom has released ten solo albums and several singles.

How tall was Tom Verlaine?

Tom Verlaine was a cool and handsome guitarist in his day. He had a standing height of 6 feet 4 inches. Her body type was slim. Her hair color turned gray due to her age and her eye color was light brown.

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