Toddler, 2, Without A Gun Is Shot, Killed By 3 Y.O. With Gun

A 2-year-old Kentucky boy has died after being accidentally shot in the head by another toddler in his home, according to Whitley County Sheriff William Elliotte. And get this: They don’t know which of several 3-year old children in the home pulled the trigger.Via

The boy was rushed to a hospital for treatment but died from his injuries.

“Anytime you have children, it makes the scenes a lot tougher to work,” Elliotte said. “Those are the images you don’t get out of your head for a long time.”

The family of the child is upset and traumatized, he said.

“We just offer them our prayers,” he said.

Oh sure. The prayers will fix it, just like they have for the hundreds of other children shot dead every year.

Far too many tragedies happen in the community, said Dustin Rife, a pastor and family ministries director at Immanuel Baptist Church, which isn’t far from the Martins Drive home where the boy was shot.

“It’s horrible, horrible for sure,” he said. “I would encourage anyone who’s watching, anyone who’s listening, anyone who is a believer, to pray for this community, pray for this family, that they would know the church’s doors are always open.”

The house was reported to have several three-year-olds on the scene and police didn’t know which one shot the two-year-old.

If that two-year-old had his own gun, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Only a good toddler with a gun can stop a bad toddler with a gun.

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