TikTok star Alix Earle gets intimate with NFL player Braxton Berrios

In April, reality TV star ‘The Culpo Sisters’ hinted that ‘betrayal’ had ended her relationship with the football receiver, leading many to suspect that Berrios had cheated, especially considering how quickly he had been spotted with Alix.

It looks like the two are really taking things to the next level, as Alix shared a TikTok video that featured him shirtless in bed as the two shared an intimate embrace.

NFL player Braxton Berrios caught in bed with TikTok star Alix Earle after split from Sophia Culpo

@alixearle The end of me snacking 😭👹 #diml #palmtreemusicfestival #hamptons ♬ Young Folks – Shindig Society

On Sunday, the social media sensation took to TikTok to share a video of her day in the Hamptons. She had fun, ate a lot of food, went to a concert, saw Calvin Harris perform, and then ate even more food. “The end of me munching,” she wrote in the caption, using the hashtags #diml, #palmtreemusicalfestivals and #hamptons.

At the very start of the video, around two seconds away, Alix is ​​in her pajamas as she hugs a shirtless man sitting on her bed. His black shorts are barely visible as the two share an intimate embrace. Although his face isn’t clearly shown in the video, fans quickly identified him as Braxton Berrios and Alix just as quickly confirmed it.

‘We’re not even ‘dating’ but it’s just hard for me not to share stuff with the guys’

Alix Earle in bed with Braxton Berrios
Tik Tok | Alix Earle

“HARD LAUNCH. HARD LAUNCH,” one fan commented. “We’re not even ‘dating’ but it’s just hard for me not to share stuff with the guys hahahaha,” Alix replied to the fan. I love the ‘we’. Ugh, so happy for you babies. We love a private relationship. No one needs to know EVERYTHING,” another follower replied as fans argued over whether he is. it was a soft, medium or hard launch.

“Nothing sweet about this launch. Dn girl, get it,” another fan commented. “Omg I was not notified of the launch,” Alix’s friend Kristin Konefal wrote. “Natalie and Lucy approved,” Alix replied, leading one fan to speculate, “So Kristin got replaced?” Other fans felt the couple will be truly official once Alix starts showing up at her Miami Dolphins games, while very few fans have addressed her split from Sophia Culpo.

Sophia Culpo says ‘a lot of trust was shattered’ in Berrios Split

Sophia Culpo hints at the
Instagram | Sophie Culpo

The 26-year-old reality star addressed her recent breakup during a Q&A on her Instagram Stories in April after a fan asked her “Are you able to talk about your breakup?”

“I couldn’t talk about it when it first happened,” Sophia explained in the video (via TooFab). “I still don’t really have words. I’m not really one to give away a bunch of dirty details. She said the relationship “didn’t end well” because “a lot of trust was shattered”.

Sophia Culpo hints at the
Instagram | Sophie Culpo

“I didn’t address that because it was very difficult to accept and process. I will say it didn’t end well or honestly,” she continued. “A lot of trust was broken. But I have an amazing support system and I so appreciate everyone’s love and support. This community never fails to amaze me.

She said she unintentionally lost weight following the breakup, adding, “I don’t wish what I’ve been through on anyone.” She went on to say, “The betrayal in my last relationship really took its toll on me, but I have the most incredible support system.”

Sophia Culpo, Olivia Culpo and Aurora Culpo
Instagram | Sophie Culpo

“I have amazing family and friends and I’m so grateful to be able to pick myself up and move to a new place on my own,” she continued. “So there’s a lot of things that I’m grateful for…I don’t wish on anyone what I’ve been through. I really don’t and I’m doing my best to take the high road here.

“I appreciate everyone’s love and support, really. It means a lot to me,” she added. all the lessons I’ve learned.”

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