Thor’s darkest tale could be a terrifying Marvel horror movie (if Disney has the guts)

Donald Blake’s imprisonment in the dreamscape and subsequent descent into madness is something that feels all too familiar in the horror genre, especially the slasher manner in which he unleashes his idyllic neighborhood. It’s safe to say that Donald Blake’s bloody saga would make for a gripping horror story on its own, but the addition of superpowers and Marvel Comics’ massive cast of characters certainly doesn’t hurt. .

Blake’s horrific reign of terror continues in the real world when Thor swaps places with him in an attempt to fix Mjolnir, unsure what kind of monster Blake has become. The power of the Midgard Serpent and Blake’s own control over the Odinforce (since he is still a construct of Odin) allows him to easily defeat Sif and Beta Ray Bill, banishing them in Dimensional Blood before launching into a vengeful crusade to assassinate anyone who had taken the role of “Thor”. It starts with Roger “Red” Norvell, murdering him and mutilating his corpse to send a message.

Blake is defeated before he can assassinate everyone who wielded Thor’s power when an alliance of Valkyrie, Doctor Strange, and Thor himself descend on him and defeat him in battle, concluding this horror story. with a hit superhero battle.

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