These Are The Friends Who Are Still In Prince Harry’s Inner Circle

The closest of friends are the ones who let you raid their closets, right? That’s apparently how close Prince Harry and Tom Hardy are. In an interview with Esquire, Hardy said that his bond with the prince is “deeply private” and stayed mum on the details, but he did go on to call Harry “a f***ing legend.”

Like many of Harry’s close friends, Hardy attended Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in 2018. The actor went to extreme lengths to be there — flying from New Orleans, where he was working at the time, to get to London. 

Harry shared a deeper look into his friendship with the actor in his memoir, “Spare,” when he revealed a hilarious tidbit about the actor. Harry apparently asked Hardy if he could borrow a costume for his and Meghan’s Halloween bash before their relationship was made public, Harry wrote, “For help with my costume, I’d turned to a friend, the actor Tom Hardy, before I left home. I’d phoned him to ask if I could borrow his costume from Mad Max. The whole thing? Yes, please, mate! The whole kit.”

Hardy granted the prince the favor, and he attended the event in the getup. “Several people did double takes as Meg passed through the rooms, but no one looked twice at her dystopian date,” Harry wrote. “I wished I could wear this disguise every day.”

Post source: The List

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