The Yellowjackets Season 2 Reaches a Major Milestone for Showtime

The future of “Yellowjackets” had been secured prior to the Season 2 premiere, but these significant numbers are likely to shed some light and strengthen the future of the series. Season 3 of “Yellowjackets” was greenlit in December 2022, likely thanks to its strong Season 1 numbers, which Deadline reported drew 5 million viewers weekly. Critical acclaim and seven Emmy nominations wouldn’t have hurt its chances either. Viewers probably won’t see Season 3 until 2024, but at least they know more is guaranteed.

This gives the show’s producers plenty of time to craft the overall story and creative leeway to plan ahead. And that also means viewers probably don’t have to worry about the show’s rug being pulled from them and they’ll find out what other horrible things have happened in the woods to our not-so-fair teen football team. . .

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