The Witcher Season 3 Location That Made Two Stars Cry Their Eyes Out

Slovenia is joined as a frosty filming location for Netflix’s “The Witcher” by Laghi di Fusine, a lake in northern Italy that, according to photos taken onsite back in March 2022, was wholly frozen over. During the winter months, that region of Italy can experience sub-zero temperatures, meaning that it was likely below freezing (or right at it) when the cast filmed there. Other filming locations for Season 3 were less physically destructive. Netflix utilized a beach in Croatia, a fort in England, a quarry in Wales, and a desert in Morocco, to name a few. None of these locales should have caused the same levels of distress, although it is difficult to imagine a desert serving as a pleasant worksite.

The list of real locations extends even further when previous seasons are taken into consideration because, despite “The Witcher” being fantasy-driven media, there is a sense of realism and scale that can come from filming without a bluescreen. Of course, creating dark fiction on a foundation of reality has its detractors, as both Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan revealed. Hopefully, their dedication to the craft will still feel worth it after production begins on the widely controversial and currently delayed Season 4.

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