“The vision of ‘OMG’ is to put cameras in the hands of thousands of people.” – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

James O’Keefe, an investigative journalist known for employing a vast network of elite undercover agents to expose corruption at the highest levels of our nation’s government, joins Steve Bannon on WarRoom to discuss his new venture O’Keefe Media Group. The group’s vision is a community army of investigative journalists to expose corruption in industries and around the world. You can get involved in the fight for truth by visiting okeefemediagroup.com.

“After this great Pfizer story and my stepping down from the organization I founded, I’ve seen so much goodwill from so many tens of thousands of people emailing me and saying, ‘I’m ready now, I’m ready now to be part of this army of truth seekers. The vision of OMG (O’Keefe Media Group) is to put cameras in the hands of thousands of people everywhere. I mean they woke a sleeping giant.

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