The top picks for playing Thing all had the same unusual job

While it might seem a little redundant to put in so much effort for a character as absurd as Thing, Victor Dorobantu’s incredibly expressive hand gestures ended up becoming essential to “Wednesday” – as Thing becomes one of best characters from Netflix’s record series. .

Originally sent to spy on Wednesday and make sure she was okay at her new school, Wednesday ends up catching Thing and coercing her into helping him with his on-campus investigations. So this silly little hand becomes his partner in crime for the majority of the series, helping him solve mysteries, talking to him through high school melodrama, and even punching bad guys during a hectic chase sequence. In many ways, Thing becomes Wednesday’s closest friend and confidant in the first season of “Wednesday,” and as such, it’s easy to see why the visual effects team were so high on artists specializing in sleight of hand.

While it’s certainly hilarious that the role of Thing attracted a swarm of magicians, perhaps that unusual background was needed to make this odd little appendage one of the best things about “Wednesday.”

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