The Stunning Transformation Of Will Poulter

Before Will Poulter came onto the scene, he was a struggling student at the Harrodian School in Barnes, London, which also played home to alumni like Robert Pattinson and Jack Whitehall. At the school, Poulter found his passion for acting. At just 11 years old, he and some of his fellow students worked on a sketch comedy show called “School of Comedy,” performing above pubs and at the Edinburgh Fringe before Channel 4 turned it into a hit television show.

But despite his success on stage, the young actor was having a tough time academically. Since he became famous, Poulter has been dispelling myths around dyslexia through his own experience with the learning disorder, as well as dyspraxia, a coordination disorder. Speaking with the The Independent in 2013, Poulter explained how these conditions affected him. “It felt like it didn’t matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t getting anywhere. That’s the most demoralizing thing, as a kid. And to find something like drama, which I loved so much … it gave me a sense of purpose,” he said.

He added, “[A]s supportive as my dad is of what I do now, he was very worried about me. I was years behind [at school]; it was so frustrating to him, because he was an academic, to have a son who just couldn’t do it.”

Post source: The List

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