The South Park Theory That Explains Why Cartman Knew About Kenny’s Immortality

In the Season 2 episode “City on the Edge of Forever” and the Season 6 episode “Cartmanland”, Eric Cartman pointed out to the people of South Park that Kenny dies all the time. The reason Cartman can see what Stan and Kyle can’t can be linked to the Season 3 episode, “Succubus”, where he receives an eye transplant using Kenny’s eyes from his severed head. . It could have given him the ability to literally see through Kenny’s eyes. In a Season 6 episode, “A Ladder to Heaven”, while Kenny was still officially dead on the show, Cartman drinks his ashes and begins to receive visions of Kenny’s life also through his eyes via supernatural possession. , further connecting Cartman to his friend. .

A strange connection linking the two characters came from “South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s 1992 short “The Spirit of Christmas.” This short features Jesus battling Frosty the Snowman and came before the second “Spirit of Christmas” short in which Jesus battles Santa Claus; it made Stone and Parker a viral VHS sensation leading up to their hit series. In the short, four children resembling the four on the show watch the fight ensue. A character that others call Kenny actually looks like the show’s version of Cartman. He is the first to be killed in the short by the Killer Snowman before the monster then kills an unnamed child who looks like Kenny. The corpses of the two children are thrown together and their blood flows in the spectacle. Some fans think this scene depicts these two characters still bonding in death.

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