The shoe you must have in your rotation for spring 2023

For an easy casual outfit, you and your loafers need skinny jeans. Yes, they’re usually overshadowed by mom or straight-leg jeans these days, but it’s finally time to dust off your favorite pair from the early 2000s. Skinny jeans style in 2023 is all about balance. You want to avoid going Also lean. If you can’t squat in your jeans without worrying that the seams will have a Taylor Swift album-worthy break, then they might be slightly too tight.

In addition to your jeans, you should choose oversized or layered tops. A long cardigan will create optimal balance as it drapes over your skinny jeans and complements the chunkyness of loafers. An oversized vest will go with the preppiness of loafers but won’t make your casual outfit formal. Another way to complete your casual ensemble is with a wardrobe staple, the denim jacket. Opt for a loose fit and layer a scarf.

This look is perfect for keeping you looking stylish and comfy in the windy, rainy spring weather, but it’ll also make a great transition for the warmer summer months.

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