The secret of the marriage of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos? They say there is none

You may have read Kelly Ripa’s comments and, at first glance, rolled your eyes. But when the ‘Live with Kelly and Mark’ co-host explained what she meant by ‘there’s no secret’, Ripa actually revealed something a lot of people may not have known. not already. The former soap opera star clarified to ET that the key isn’t to panic during the tough times. After all, she and her longtime husband, Mark Consuelos, have acknowledged that their marriage hasn’t been without conflict.

Essentially, Ripa advised not to do anything drastic and to be patient when these issues arise. During an episode of her podcast, “Let’s Talk Off Camera,” she and Consuelos discussed some of the challenges they faced. For example, Ripa prayed that Consuelos would lose her trait of jealousy. Additionally, the “Riverdale” star had major issues with Ripa’s habit of hanging up the phone on her when she was upset. But rather than conclude that they were incompatible, the couple went to a marriage counselor to work out the issue together.

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