The Nothing Shower – A Refreshing Shower Alternative Viral Everything

The minimalist answer to “shower everything” is “shower nothing,” a concept that earned TikTok user @alexandra.r.simpson nearly 110,000 likes when she posted about it in January 2023. I’m not talking about showers,” she captioned her short video. “Turn on the water, sit in the tub, and wash absolutely nothing. Great for managing migraines, stifling sobs, and hiding from responsibilities.

Simpson’s fans warmly approved, saying they do the same for a variety of ailments, from sinus congestion to headaches. “I have never told anything more in my life!” said a stunned commentator. “I do this when I have cramps,” said one follower. Another said that when he felt sick, “I scrub quickly and then sit for an hour.” One user whose tag says she has lupus, an autoimmune disease, remarked, “Mine are chronic pain baths. I sit in hot water for 30 minutes, don’t wash anything off, but get some mild joint relief. Other fans have attested that showering with water alone helps them relieve symptoms of panic attacks and bipolar disorder, and still others have confessed that showering with nothing is their cherished escape when the pressures of home and family become overwhelming.

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