The Mugshot Heard Around The World

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, was recapping the events of last week. He made a very good point. If any of the other former presidents, like W. or Barack Obama, were brought up on criminal charges of any sort, the world would collectively gasp as one and fall into disorder. But TFG is so corrupt that he is getting charged every week and people are started to become like, “Yeah? So what else is old?”

The GOP debate wasn’t much of a distraction either. Pence was busy just trying to keep the flies, woodpeckers and nooses off of him, Haley was just trying to get some attention and DerSatanist was trying to keep attention from his pudding-stained fingers. The fact that the GOP is winning elections still is either proof that they are cheating like crazy, the overall gene pool of Americans have regressed to the days of primordial ooze or both.

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