The More You Criticize Right-Wing Media, The More They Scream

Washington Post columnist Philip Bump has been targeted for vicious right wing attacks, all because he has told the truth about their lies and distortions. The latest came from New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, who has previously defamed an ill child, and is a notorious spreader of misinformation, because he pointed out that Republican attacks on Hunter Biden are totally baseless.

In this clip from his interview on the Beyond Politics podcast, Philip explains how this illustrates the larger problem with the media: Mainstream media sources may make mistakes, but they still try to ground their reporting in facts.

Right-wing media and Republicans simply get to make up whatever they want and spread it across the internet for free. What’s really obnoxious is that the more reporters put out the truth, the louder the right-wing ecosystem screams. The only good news is that the more people share honest, fact-based reporting like in this video, the more we can fight back and the better chance we have of overcoming the lies.

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