The money generated by my Cook-A-Thon does not reach the amount we used to organize the event – Chef Dammy

Damilola Adeparusi, also known as Chief Dammya Nigerian chef, said her cook-a-thon revenue is still a far cry from the amount that was spent to set up and coordinate the record attempt.

The 22-year-old revealed this when speaking to the press about her plans to cook for 150 hours next month in a bid to break chef Hilda Baci’s record of 93 hours and 11 minutes.

All of the monetary donations she received during and after the event, according to the chef, are still in her personal bank account.

Dammy went on to say that she would now file a request with Guinness World Records to make it official.

Dammy said; “All the money paid to me is still not up to the money that was used to start it all up. And more than half of the supposed money that came in is still in my personal account. .

“Finally, I know there’s been a lot of speculation that I’m not recording this kitchen that just ended, but my team and I have decided to take on this new challenge next month.

“After the support I received from fans, supporters and many very notable people in society. I, Adeparusi Damilola, better known as Chef Dammy, and my team have decided to organize another program of cook-a-thon next month.

“This time it will run for 150 hours and be duly registered with Guinness World Records. Chef Dammy returns!

Watch the video below:

The Ekiti student said that after completing her feat of cooking for 120 hours on June 15, she was open to new opportunities.

She says; “I know the question that circles the minds of many people online and offline is what’s next for Chef Dammy after the 120 hour cook-a-thon? What will happen to Chef Dammy after the world gets to know her and she’s put in the spotlight? Well, Chief Dammy is open to exploring! I am open to new opportunities and new experiences in life.

Now that the world knows what I’m capable of. I think it’s high time everyone started giving me a chance to explore in various ways and abilities.

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