The Extraction Suite is Netflix’s answer to Raid 2

The highlight of “Extraction 2” is the riveting 21-minute action sequence that begins with Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) embarking on a daring prison break, and ends with him ripping apart some goons on a train. It’s an ambitious setting that deserves praise for its originality, but echoes of “The Raid 2” are present throughout.

“The Raid 2” also features a memorable prison riot for the ages. The sequence sees the protagonist, Yuda (Iko Uwais), brutalize his way through swarms of vicious inmates and guards using a combination of martial arts and weaponry. In both films, the filmmakers incorporate a handheld camera style that takes the viewer deep into the heart of the penitentiary, and the visuals are grainy, gray, and dark. Additionally, their respective protagonists incorporate weapons into their martial arts routines.

After the prison break in “Extraction 2”, Tyler and his allies get into a vehicle and flee, which leads to a thrilling car chase as they try to escape the bikers. “The Raid 2” also contains an epic car chase sequence that sees Yuda forced to fight for survival inside a high-speed automobile. “Extraction 2” is similar in terms of visceral vehicle carnage and capturing the breakneck speed of the action.

Finally, both movies also feature amazing train sequences. In “The Raid 2”, an assassin named Hammer Girl (Julie Estelle) smashes her way through the gangsters with the instrument she is named after. “Extraction 2,” meanwhile, throws guns and helicopters into the mix instead of hammers, but the sequence wouldn’t seem out of place in Gareth Evans’ Indonesian action classic.

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