The Downfall of EDP445 aka Bryant Moreland aka Deyione Eason. A Case Study in Human Decency – Wealthy Celebrity

Who Is EDP445 a.k.a. Bryant Moreland a.k.a. Deyione Eason? He is a formerly popular American-based YouTuber, social media personality, and internet influencer who was accused of soliciting a minor. He initially became famous after creating a channel titled EDP445, where he gathered around 2 million subscribers for his strong opinions and outlandish energy. He lost his main YouTube account for crossing the application’s policies. Other than that, he also attempted to create EDP445 2.0 (his deleted backup channel), EDPGAMING1 (his gaming channel), and CHAOTICKITCHEN445 (his cooking channel).

Net Worth under $10,000
Occupation Former YouTuber and internet personality
Age 32 years
Source of Wealth Career as a former YouTuber and internet personality

Moving on, according to YouTubeFandom.Com, Bryant later restarted his YouTubing career by creating another backup channel – EDP_445, as indicated by former supporter, SomeOrdinaryGamers, which later got terminated by YouTube, as it was discovered he sent inappropriate messages to a minor.

A Check Into Bryant Moreland’s Profile:

EDP445 Wiki/Bio
Real Name Bryant Moreland
Known as EDP445
Date of birth December 15, 1990
Age 32 years
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Famous As Internet Personality
Education Undisclosed
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Religion Undisclosed
Father’s name Undisclosed
Mother’s name Undisclosed
Siblings Undisclosed

Bryant Moreland Is From Los Angeles, California

EDP445’s former name was Bryant Moreland although it is not clear what that is now as he appears to have officially changed it. He was born on December 15, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, and was working at Walmart before uploading his first youtube video in July 2010. Not much information is released about his personal life before his youtube stardom, although from our research and content posted, we can conclude that he was never married nor had any children.

He Has An Unusually Large Physique, Which Makes Him Easy To Spot

Bryant was known for his heavyset appearance, where he managed to survive while weighing 700 pounds at a height of 6 feet 1 inch. His eye color is dark brown, and his hair is naturally black. Unfortunately for him, keeping a low profile is difficult in public due to his distinctive physical traits.

He Started His Career In 2010, At The Age Of 19

Bryant stepped into the world of YouTube at the age of 19, in 2010, when he uploaded his first video in which he featured himself performing a freestyle rap. His first content regarding gaming he uploaded on his YouTube channel was “59-28. Eagles fu–in kill the redskins,” which was recorded in November of that same year.

Since then, the Philadelphia Eagles franchise became a major topic he promoted while delving into other niches like cooking videos, rants, Q&As, internet challenges, and vlogs.

His “No YouTube gold plaque/Play Button” Video Helped Him To Grab The Media Spotlight

Bryant Moreland uploaded a “No YouTube gold plaque/Play Button” video after successfully receiving a Silver Play Button from YouTube. However, when he reached 1 million subscribers, YouTube management did not verify his channel for a Golden Play Button. YouTube claimed Bryant violated policy which was later overturned with the help of his fanbase and ultimately concluded in him obtaining his Golden Play Button.

His Social Media Profiles Have Been Deleted on Several Occasions

After much controversy, Bryant has managed to be banned from youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Cameo, and all other major channels on several different occasions. Attempting a comeback, he changed his channel name(s) from “Eatdatpu–y445” to “EDP445” and created other channels – EDP445 2.0 (his deleted backup channel), EDPGAMING1 (his gaming channel), and CHAOTICKITCHEN445 (his cooking channel).


His Career Ended When Detractors Exposed How He Attempted To Solicit A Minor

In April 2021, all of Bryant Moreland’s channels were finally terminated when he got exposed by ‘Predator Poachers for sending inappropriate messages to a minor and attempting to meet in person at a motel. Many prior supporters have since released statements condemning their relationship with Bryant and there appears to now be a dedicated group of people who report him to any landlords and/or employers who run into him. 

Please see below for a summarization of chronological events from the aforementioned video:

Date Event
July 2010 Initial YouTube video posted
March 2016 “Flooded the toilet in Chipotle” video goes viral with 1.2 million views
February 2020 Reaches 1 million YouTube subscribers
March 2020 Supporters begin a petition for EDP445 to get his ‘gold play button’
May 2020 EDP445 gets a youtube gold play button
July 2020 Video released responding to accusations of underage solicitation
October 2020 ColdRaven uploads proof of solicitation of minors
November 2020 EDP445 releases video in response to ColdRaven admitting to solicitation
April 2021 Predator Poachers releases video of EDP445 attempting to “meet with a girl to get a cupcake” at a motel
April 2021 His Cameo and YouTube channels are permanently deleted
May 2021 His Facebook account is deleted
May 2021 His Instagram account is deleted
July 2021 EDP445 begins uploading videos to
August 2021 EDP445 moves from Bakersfield, CA to Henderson, NV
September 2021 EDP445’s account deleted
October 2021 A detractor of EDP445 uploads a video showing him working as a Lyft driver
October 2021 Fired from Lyft for being outed by a detractor that he also was working for GrubHub and UberEats
October 2021 EDP445 changes his name from Bryant Moreland at the Nevada County Court
November 2021 EDP445 attempts to work at Chuck-E-Cheese but is turned down
December 2021 A prior friend of EDP445 releases video claiming that he received phone calls from EDP445 from the ‘Henderson Nevada Detention Center’ (unconfirmed)

Unfortunately for Bryant Moreland, it is estimated, due to the description of events above, his current net worth is under $10,000, limited mostly to any vehicles he may still own.

EDP445 outed March 2023
Bryant is confronted by Chet Goldstein and the Predator Poachers

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to EDP445?

He has been blacklisted by the community for attempting to solicit a minor

Where is EDP445 now?

In an attempt to start a new life, he moved from Bakersfield, California to Henderson, Nevada

Is EDP445 Dying?

A twitter video was released in which he claims to be diagnosed with stage 5 Kidney Cancer although this is unconfirmed and detractors claim this was released to possibly garner sympathy

How long is EDP445 in jail for?

An unconfirmed video from a prior friend claims EDP445 was jailed in Henderson, Nevada

How much does EDP445 weigh?

He weighs around 700 pounds

Where is EDP445 from?

In Summary

EDP445, previously known as Bryant Moreland, is a classic story of how reputations can be destroyed just as fast as they are built with reckless behavior. Once a popular content creator with a cult-like following, he is now followed by a dedicated group of detractors who will stop at nothing to report his actions to any notable agency that comes into contact with him.

To what extent should a person’s life be ruined for mistakes made in the past? Does the answer depend on the type of mistake?

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