The Broncos made some pretty unique uniform history in their preseason finale

DENVER — Come for the explosive Jarrett Stidham-led offense, stay for the uniform-related history.

Saturday night’s preseason finale was a rather unique sight for Broncos fans – not just because the team jumped out to a 27-0 halftime lead, but because of the Broncos’ uniform color.

It was the first time in nearly 20 years that the Broncos wore white uniforms in a home game – preseason, regular season or postseason.

The NBC broadcast crew pointed out the jersey anomaly, via the Broncos’ media relations team, early in the second quarter just before a Tony Jones rushing touchdown that put Denver up 24-0.

According to Denver Sports, the last time the Broncos wore white at home was on Nov. 16, 2003 against the San Diego Chargers, a game Denver won 37-8.

The Broncos were set to break the no-white-at-home streak in Week 2 vs. Washington, according to the uniform schedule the team put out earlier this week.

The Broncos will also wear the first all-white helmet in team history this season. Their new “snowcapped” alternate helmet will make two appearances with the orange “color rush” uniform: Week 5 vs. the New York Jets and Week 16 vs. the New England Patriots.

Broncos unveil ‘snowcapped’ alternate helmet for 2023 season

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