The Breaking Bad Finale Has A Secret About Bryan Cranston’s Walt Only True Fans Know

While it might come as a surprise to learn that most of Walter White’s “Felina” appearance was the result of heavy prosthetic makeup, this episode was perhaps a sign of things to come for guest appearances. Bryan Cranston’s later as the character.

Cranston reprized his role as the chemistry teacher-turned-meth kingpin in Netflix’s sequel film “El Camino,” for which he underwent a significant amount of makeup work to apply a bald cap and fake mustache. Despite the immense effort that has gone into this bald cap, its appearance has been derided by many fans online for making Walt’s head gigantic compared to everyone around him. Cranston also wore a realistic Walter White prosthetic mask during a 2013 appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, which he took off during the panel — looking comically for some fresh air. Cranston wore another bald cap for his appearance in the “Better Call Saul” finale “Saul Gone,” although this time there was less backlash regarding his appearance.

It’s certainly interesting to learn how much prosthetic makeup Bryan Cranston applied during his time as Walt, in some cases using it to make him look old and near death, and in others using it to return to his appearance from the start of the show. .

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