The Blast Writers Analyze SHAED’s “Trampoline” Lyrics

Over the weekend here at the explosion we decided to work on a small group project: analyzing the lyrics of “Trampoline” by SHAED. It’s an incredibly popular and often used song in social media content, especially on TikTok. But what does that mean? Our writers thought about it and picked the song, line by line. Keep reading to see each author’s rendition of the song! If you’re unfamiliar with the song, check it out below:

“When I listened carefully to the lyrics, my first thought was that she might be talking about an abusive relationship where she is deeply in love (fire being the feeling of being in love) and jumping on the trampoline is a metaphor for the roller coaster of emotions that come with being in love with someone who is causing you pain, either emotionally or physically.

“Wait, if I’m on fire, how am I so deeply in love?” how can i feel so pained in a relationship that also brings me love. “When I dream of dying, I never feel so loved,” could be the feeling of escaping the relationship and breaking a traumatic bond.

I know… I took it a step further and I’m SURE that wasn’t the point of the lyrics, but trying to read between the lines kinda brought it out in me. Maybe I need to stop watching Lifetime movies, haha!

“While listening to ‘Trampoline’ by SHAED, I had a handful of thoughts that instantly crossed my mind. I remember hearing it on the radio, knowing it was a hit in the making, but I forgot about it. But then I was asked, along with other writers here at The Blast, to listen to it again and see how we all interpreted it.

I first made sure not to google the song or look in any interviews SHAED might have had that talked about the song. I wanted to go into it completely blind and for it to actually be my interpretation. I’m sure with a song called “Trampoline”, people would instantly think of going through ups and downs in a very confined place. Where you can go as high as you can and achieve so many things, and you can also fall in so many different ways. It says a lot about how life can be, but the opening lyrics also took me away from that interpretation. These words being: “I had dreams. Jump on a trampoline. Flippin’ in the air. I never land, I just float there.

It immediately made me think, this song says it all. This song means everything you need. This song means exactly what you personally want it to mean. Eye of the beholder type thoughts. Now I was no longer emotional or thinking morbidly about the lyrics, but I also didn’t feel thrilled and wanted to have a parade for myself either after listening to it. I started thinking that this song was going to be used for both good and bad as a bridging or storytelling device in future movies and TV shows, especially the reality shows you’d see on Bravo or even The Bachelor.

I really see this song being marketed and used at sporting events and when an athlete can go through adversity to come out on top and on the other side. Almost what you see during the Olympics. Since they often have an abundance of video packages they produce for this, they always add songs of this nature to bring it all together.

I feel like my interpretation will change as I hear this song and I think it would be fun to come back to it in a year and see my thoughts and those of others. It’s because of the mastery of the lyrics and the catchy melody. It captures you and makes you feel what you are feeling at that moment. And as we all know, it can be great and also devastating.

“The protagonist of the story is already in a confused situation, seemingly struggling with tumultuous relationship issues. She can’t get out of her mind. She’s in limbo. The trampoline represents her confusion, her mood swings – she cannot bring herself to a stable state of gravity and clarity. What had already started as a serious mental situation only worsened when “suddenly the sky bursts”. imploded.

When she finally feels some semblance of a stable relationship, she feels oppressed again. What makes life seem like it’s looking up is really that it’s falling down a steep slope again – “my body is turning to ice, crushing the weight of heaven.”

This song is an example of what so many people face. They are in a relationship and do not know if they should stay or leave, negotiate or start over. Their perception of the situation changes daily. What may be good one day may be bad the next. The deep passion for both storylines and the ensuing uncertainty keep the “fire” swinging on the pendulum.

“”Trampoline” has a unique melody and rhythm that immediately pulls you into the song and slowly guides you through this euphoria, but at the same time, scary environment the lyrics evoke.

The first verse instantly reminds you of a dream sequence, a setting you are not too familiar but feel safe. But then it quickly goes from fun to creepy.

With lyrics like “Jumpin’ on a trampoline/flippin’ in the air/I never land just floating there”, it’s very exciting. This excitement turns to terror as SHAED sings, “Suddenly the sky is bursting/the flames are lighting up the trees/…now they’re right on me.

To me, this could hint at real-life situations where things are going well and exciting to evil in the blink of an eye. But considering the chorus, SHAED isn’t trying to escape the terror they’ve suddenly been plunged into; instead, they seem to embrace and enjoy it.

The second verse also paints the same scenario as the first, where things happen from good to bad, and just like in the chorus, SHAED sings to allow and embracing the inevitable terror.

In conclusion, the song as a whole is about giving up in the face of a hopeless situation. Something over which we have no control, and instead of battling impending doom, you allow it to engulf and consume you.

I know it’s a dark meaning, but the energy and the lyrics of the song make I remember those scary dreams where I party and I’m happy, but then all of a sudden I fall into an endless pit and I can’t save myself. SO, I endure and embrace the plunge until I wake up.

“”I had dreams

Jump on a trampoline

spinning in the air

I never land, I float there”

These lines make me think of a childhood, like someone dreaming of a memory of when they jumped on a trampoline as a kid but never landed because “landing” would mean waking up and coming back to reality, a bit like Peter Poêle.

“As I look up

Suddenly the sky is bursting

The flames light the trees

Spread to falling leaves

Now they’re right on me”

Basically, these lines mean that even if you try to escape reality, it will always catch up with you eventually, and if you don’t accept it, it will start to “fall” on you and potentially crush you.

“Wait if I’m on fire

How am I so deeply in love?

When I dream of dying

I have never felt so loved”

I think “lover” does not refer to a person. I think it refers to the state of being “on fire,” like they feel passionate about something. I think the “When I dream of dying, I never feel so loved” might refer to the number of people she imagines showing up at her funeral and saying all the things they appreciated about her, the making you feel “so loved”.

“I had dreams

Splashing in a summer stream

Trip and I fall in

I wanted it to happen

My body turns to ice

The crushing weight of paradise

solid block of gold

Lying in the cold

I feel like home”

I think the first four lines echo the first lines from the beginning. It’s a dream but this time instead of the sky falling on her, she immerses herself in the dream. Instead of just accepting reality, she embraces it. Even if the reality is harsh, she feels “at home”. Even though she struggles in life, she knows she will be “so loved” in death, which is repeated in the chorus and the rest of the song.

“So to me, this song feels like an adult’s perspective on a life changing moment. Much like the death card in tarot, the ‘death’ part of this song isn’t really about death, but maybe making a momentous decision. Something that really changes your whole outlook on life. And the singer delves into her childhood memories, rejoicing in the pure freedom of being young.

As a child, and perhaps for some part of your adolescence and youth, fear is not really there. A child is not afraid to fall until he falls and hurts himself. Thus, the piece of trampoline gives the impression that a child pushes the limits by jumping as high as he can, much like a child on a swing. The sheer freedom to fly through the air like a child without fear is definitely euphoric. I think that’s why the song is also called Trampoline despite only appearing in the first verse.

The rest of the song gives the impression that the singer is trying to free herself from the fears that prevent her from living her life to the full. It could be a fear of commitment, real phobias, or maybe a fear of change. She takes courage from the fearless days of her childhood and tries to channel it into her life now, manifesting a fearless future for her as well. It also seems like she’s trying to break free from the rut she’s stuck in, and how comforting being in a bad place feels to her as well. She, just like Freddy Mercury sang years ago, needs to break free!

As you can see, each writer had a very unique perspective when it came to the meaning of this song. We would also love to hear from our audience! Do not hesitate to intervene on our Facebook or Twitter accounts with your thoughts in the comments!

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