The Best Simpsons Episodes of the 10s

“The Book Job” is an expert parody of heist movies, with a direct focus on Ocean’s Eleven, but revealing the theft of chain book publishing. Lisa, after meeting an actor playing her favorite author, TR Francis, is disenchanted with children’s novels being set up in executive boardrooms using the latest market research, allowing writers to produce ten books a year.

Hearing this, however, Homer envisions the perfect crime: The Book Job, which brings the series into Steven Soderbergh territory. He assembles “The Crew,” which flashes like a title card, just like in the movies: Seymour Skinner, who knows how tweens think; Patty Bouvier, passionate about fantastic literature; Moe, whose eyes weep more than his pickled onions; and Professor Frink, who owns a computer. The guest voice, author Neil Gaiman, wants to join and is quickly put to work with a lunch order. Bart establishes the new outline.

“The vampire genre is completely sucked in,” Bart says, “all we have to do is find a new monster to be our hero.” Moe would be way too scary for impressionable young minds, but the concept works if you replace him with an orphan troll living under the Brooklyn Bridge, at school with cool elves, pixie cheerleaders and stoners are gargoyles, just like on Netflix. Wednesday. Yes, The simpsons predicts that too. The group of writers fleshes out the perfect young adult novel. Seeing her father’s new business for what it is, a book factory, Lisa decides to write her own novel and immediately hits writer’s block.

The heist takes place at the Springfield Book Fair, with a consultation with the head of TweenLit, Inc., and Lisa providing “The Score”, where the team steals her book in “The Actual Heist”. It’s more than a latte at Bookaccino, it’s the bestselling novel they’re going to sell, credited to Gaiman.

5. Bart vs. Itchy and Scratchy

Season 30 Episode 18 – March 24, 2019

Written by Megan Amram. Directed by Chris Clements.

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