Texas Republican AG Just Delivered Harsh News to Administrator Biden | wayne dupree

The Biden administration is being sued by Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in an effort to stop the $1.6 trillion spending bill he says was passed illegally.

Paxton said in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, “If we’re going to start ignoring the provisions of the Constitution, then we don’t have a constitution.” For the first time in our history, they ignored quorum under Nancy Pelosi.

This week, Paxton sought an injunction to stop the Biden administration from enforcing the budget law. According to Paxton, this would prevent millions of government dollars from funding illegal immigrants in Texas.

In accordance with a rule established in 2020 that allows lawmakers to “designate another member as a proxy,” then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, allowed 226 members of Congress to vote by proxy when the Appropriations Act consolidated financial statements of 2023 was adopted in December 2022.

According to Paxton, Pelosi’s rule violated the quorum clause, which states that for Congress to conduct business, a majority of the House must be present on the floor.

“‘Quorum’ is a quorum, period. There’s no other way around it, according to Paxton. “You could never do it right if there wasn’t a quorum. It was adopted and signed in violation of the law.

The registrar rule, which prohibits challenging bills that are “registered” in official House or Senate records, is a stumbling block to Paxton’s complaint. The “registration rule does not supersede a constitutional provision,” according to Paxton.

According to Paxton’s press release, “Our state will be affected by the results of their lawlessness and deceit. It is essential that the residents of Texas not be subjected to such grave harms, such as the millions of dollars used to support illegal immigration.

With Customs and Border Protection forecasting a record 2.6 million migrant interactions at the southern border this fiscal year, the Lone Star State is on the front lines of the border crisis.

While the court case for the injunction is still ongoing, Paxton told Fox News Digital that it would be a “victory” for Texas to get relief from the rising costs of illegal immigration, which he estimates to be Billions.

“It would be a win if we were sheltered from the cost and our share didn’t have to be paid. It’s undoubtedly a win for the people of Texas, but it’s still a loss for the nation. and a setback for my condition, according to Paxton.

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