Terrell Vaughn shot and killed at his West Perrine home

In the early hours of Friday morning, a West Perrine resident, known as a devoted father of two and a diligent DJ, was fatally shot in his residence.

Terrell Vaughn, as described by his family, was shot and injured in the upper body at a house located at the intersection of SW 102nd Avenue and 175th Street. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries before being taken to hospital.

Authorities are currently investigating the circumstances leading up to the shooting, with the aim of establishing the cause.

According to a family member of Terrell Vaughn, the incident could have occurred following an argument with an individual. Vaughn’s brother, Freddie Williams, said Terrell was a well-liked and up-and-coming person known for his sense of humor and positive presence.

Williams stressed that the hurt inflicted on his brother was unjust and he remains confident that justice will prevail.

“The loss of (Terrell Vaughn) is deeply felt and his absence is irreplaceable,” Vaughn’s cousin Darrell Collins said. Tragically, Vaughn had already suffered the devastation of gun violence when he was shot three years ago, resulting in the loss of his left leg.

Miami-Dade Police are urging anyone with information regarding the recent shooting to come forward and contact Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPs (8477).

A reward of up to $5,000 is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

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