Telangana Woman Has 8-kg Tumour Removed From Her Stomach in Rare Surgery

In a rare surgery, doctors from a private hospital have successfully removed a tumour weighing about 8 kg from the stomach of a woman in Telangana. The doctors saved the life of the woman who had been suffering pains in her stomach for years together.

Ponneboyina Srinivas and his wife Sasirekha are residents of Kudakuda village of Chivvemla mandal of Suryapet district, Telangana. Sasirekha had been suffering severe stomach pains for a long period. She, along with her husband Srinivas, visited many hospitals in Suryapet but the hospitals failed to give her any respite.

Finally, she visited Sri Swathi Hospital in Suryapet, where she underwent medical tests. The doctors at the hospital scanned her and found a tumour in her stomach.

Sasirekha’s surgery lasted for hours and the doctors, with great effort, removed a big tumour weighing between 7 to 8 kg from her stomach. She felt great relief from the pain thereafter.

Sasirekha and her family members thanked the doctors who performed the surgery, paramedical staff and management of the private hospital in Suryapet. The doctors said that it was a rare surgery that has not been performed anywhere else.

Last month, in another such case, over 1,200 gallbladder stones were removed from a diabetic woman at a hospital in Chennai. The woman from West Bengal had earlier been directed to undergo treatment in Chennai. The 55-year-old woman visited Mohan’s Diabetes Clinic in Chennai with complaints of flatulence and indigestion. A scan revealed that she had more than fifty stones in her gallbladder.

Following that, a team of doctors immediately decided to operate on her and remove the bladder stones. However, during the procedure, the doctors were shocked to discover over 2,000 stones in the woman’s gallbladder. According to doctors, there were 1,240 stones bigger than 2 mm among them and others were smaller.

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