Team DeSantis Reportedly Contacted Remaining Florida State Politicians Not Endorsing Donald Trump | wayne dupree

In an effort to stop them from endorsing former President Donald Trump for president in 2024, aides to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida called out other state politicians, according to NBC News.

According to sources close to four of the Florida congressional delegation members, DeSantis’ team contacted at least six of them. The team made the appeals after four delegates publicly endorsed Trump’s bid for president in 2024, asking the remaining six members to refrain from doing the same.

According to NBC News, the state delegation hasn’t officially endorsed DeSantis, who hasn’t even declared his candidacy.

Although DeSantis is considered Trump’s biggest rival, new surveys indicate that Trump does have a significant lead in the upcoming Republican primary election. Although they were once close, the two guys have been openly fighting for months.

DeSantis was elected Governor of Florida in 2019, and Trump claimed credit for it, saying DeSantis would “probably either work in a cigar store or a law firm” without his support.

DeSantis was also attacked by the former president for “single-minded thinking,” and he tried to force him to resign alleging he used his governor’s salary to pay for unauthorized campaign trips.

Representatives Aaron Bean, Vern Buchanan, Kat Cammack, Mario Diaz-Balart, Laurel Lee and Greg Steube are the six people who received calls from DeSantis staff, according to NBC News.

According to sources cited by Time, Cammack, Buchanan and Steube want to support Trump. It’s unclear whether the DeSantis call will cause them to reconsider their thoughts or postpone any endorsement.

Representatives Cory Mills, Byron Donalds, Matt Gaetz and Anna Paulina Luna are the four who have already endorsed Trump. Given their longstanding friendship and mutual support, Donald’s endorsement of Trump was particularly surprising.

Mills said Trump’s appearance in court in New York, which many Republicans say was politically motivated, had an impact on his endorsement.

There’s certainly some angst in the DeSantis camp that so many members of the state’s congressional delegation endorse Trump, according to a GOP consultant for one of the lawmakers who was approached by DeSantis staffers.

“Gaetz is going with Trump is one thing, but Byron’s endorsement of the former president has undoubtedly rattled some cages,” they claimed.

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