Teacher Jailed 12 Years for Defiling 14-Year-Old Girl in Tarkwa

In a distressing incident, a teacher has been sentenced to a 12-year prison term for s–xually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in Tarkwa.

Shockingly, the teacher had a direct connection to the victim, as he taught her in a local school and was a member of the same church as her, although the girl’s identity had been withheld.

The disturbing episode unfolded on June 23rd when the teacher invited the child to an all-night church event, which she declined but informed him that her parents would be attending.

Seizing an opportunity, the teacher deceitfully abandoned the church service at 10 pm and went to the 14-year-old’s home, where he committed the heinous act.

How was the teacher exposed?

The 14-year-old girl wrote a letter weeks after to the teacher. Unlucky for the teacher, a student stumbled on the letter and blew the horn.

The teacher was then arrested… following a court appearance he confessed and was found guilty.

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