Taylor Swift Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During ‘The Eras Tour’

Singer Taylor Swift suffered a wardrobe malfunction at her first ‘The Eras Tour’ gig after her split from the actor Joe Alwyn.

Last Saturday, reports emerged that the “Bejeweled” singer and the “Conversations with Friends” actor split after six years of dating.

In her first appearance onstage in Tampa, Florida, since the breakup became public knowledge, the 33-year-old singer suffered a dress malfunction onstage and still managed to carry on like a pro.

WATCH Taylor Swift suffer wardrobe malfunction during ‘The Eras Tour’ after split from Joe Alwyn

The next stop on The Eras Tour after the breakup announcement was the Eras Tour concert at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. While performing “Lavender Haze”, her garter broke and was later repaired during her performance of “Anti-Hero”.

A fan account captured a fifteen-second snippet of the wardrobe malfunction and posted it on TikTok. In the video, two of his background singers can be seen trying to pull the belt off his leg.

Taylor kept playing, especially during the lyrics, “I find myself in crisis” as she raised her arms in the air and took the song back with a smile. Taylor performs several tracks from her tenth studio album, Midnights, on her tour, including “Bejeweled,” “Vigilante S—” and “Karma.”

‘Invisible String’ was replaced by ‘The 1’ during its folk era

Taylor Swift wears a shirt that reads "There's a lot going on right now" as dancers help her change into her costume as she literally jumps on stage during the first weekend of her massive Arizona tour

As previously reported, the “Love Story” singer has changed up the Folklore part of her setlist. Although she began her tour by performing “Invisible String”, a song about two kindred spirits bound by fate”, she has since replaced it with “The 1”, a song about looking back on a past relationship and rejoicing. wondering what could have been.

Many Swifties have speculated that the change in the song is due to her split from Joe Alwyn. Although the two didn’t go public with their relationship until 2017, many fans suspect they met at the Met Gala in 2016, given the lyrics to some of Taylor’s songs that are rumored to be about the 32-year-old actor. .

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn reportedly had ‘difficult times’ in their relationship

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

It seems that there is no “Bad Blood” between these two Hollywood stars. A source told PEOPLE the split was due to “differences in their personalities” and said they “weren’t the right fit for each other.”

“They’ve had a hard time before and always worked things out, so friends thought they’d take some time apart but eventually get back together,” the source said.

“They had a lot in common and fell in love in a safe bubble as she retreated from the world during Reputation,” the insider added, referencing her 2017 studio album. “Then the pandemic hit, and they were locked together and able to continue to develop their relationship in this isolated way. But he didn’t really “know” her yet outside of this bubble.

Sources say the former couple considered getting married just a few months ago

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

Multiple sources told the magazine that the former couple “talked about getting married just a few months ago.” Unfortunately, it appears the “Anti-Hero” singer was the one who called it quits on the relationship.

“Taylor didn’t see them working long term,” the insider added. They explained that the split was “recent” but “not dramatic”. The source said the two “are friendly” with each other, adding, “There’s still a lot of respect between them.”

Taylor is reportedly ‘staying very focused’ on her Eras tour amid their breakup

Taylor Swift holding hands with boyfriend Joe Alwyn takes a long walk after lunch in NYC

“She has nothing bad to say about Joe,” the insider added. “They just broke up. Taylor remains very focused on her tour at the moment.

The release of her new studio album, Midnights, and the announcement of her massive arena tour have definitely put Taylor Swift’s name back in the headlines. The couple are known for their privacy, as a source alleged that Joe had “struggled” with his level of fame in the past.

“Joe has struggled with Taylor’s level of notoriety and public attention,” another source said. “The differences in their personalities have also become harder to ignore after years together. They separated.

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