Susanna Hoffs has “FRIENDS” to celebrate her first novel!

Susanna Hoff‘ Monday is going to be a little ‘manic’ this week!

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She may be best known for being the lead singer of iconic ’80s pop group The Bangles, but Hoffs is preparing to show her fans another side of her resume: The “Manic Monday” singer will be releasing her first novel, “This Bird has flown”, Tuesday, April 4!

Early reviews of Hoffs’ first novel are already glowing, as is Hoffs herself; she started celebrating the release of the book very early on Instagram!

On Sunday (clearly her “fun day”), Hoffs enlisted the help of a few pals to get the party started. The women in his crew know something about lasting friendship! Read on to find out the two famous and friendly celebs were on hand to celebrate her big moment!

The “Bangles” singer is counting down the moments until her book leaves the nest!

The “Eternal Flame” singer has been celebrating her milestone on social media for a long time! Hoffs increased her fans’ excitement with various celebratory posts on Instagram.

Hoffs may have been famous enough for a pop culture revival of Egyptian walking with The Bangles in the ’80s, but she still puts her dancing skills to the test; she recently posted a reel with her viral dance contribution “Big Wave” to promote “This Bird Has Flightn!”

She captioned the reel, “64-Year-Old Woman Tries a Big Wave to Celebrate First Novel to Libraries in Five Days!”

Fellow 1980s icons Molly Ringwald and Go-Go singer Belinda Carlisle were on hand to celebrate Hoffs’ groovy descent!

“Kill,” Ringwald encouraged his buddy. Carlisle encouraged Hoffs with a “Bravo” and lots of heart emojis.

Hoffs will also be traveling across the United States for a book tour! She announced the ten dates on Instagram last month, revealing that there will also be virtual events!

Human readers aren’t the only bookworms looking forward to Tuesday! Hoffs shared a reel of two donkeys giving their love to a ‘This bird has flown away’ promotional box, barely unable to contain their excitement!

Who are the notable humans who are also excited to celebrate?

From donkeys to actresses to good friends, Hoffs has plenty of readers excited to get their hands on “That Bird Flocked!”

“Friends” alum Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox celebrated their singer pal’s first romance.

“Susanna’s book is finished; it comes out April 4,” Kudrow announces. Cox also endorses it, encouraging Hoffs fans to “Go get it and read it” and calls the novel “incredible!”

Fans raved about the surprise collab, expressing their excitement in the comments section!

“This video brings me so much joy because Friends is/was one of my favorite shows of all time and you are my favorite musician,” one fan commented. “Also, I look forward to receiving and reading your novel,” they shared.

“This friends post makes me happy and nostalgic,” another Hoffs fan commented.

“The one where Susanna writes a bestselling novel,” predicted one fan, referencing the legendary “Friends” episode title format.

“Omg I would give anything to be in the same space for a while with these three icons,” another fan proclaimed.

“Flippin eck, now that’s marketing,” one follower said.

Fans can also get an autographed copy of “This Bird Has Flightn” on release day! Hoffs will have a virtual book signing on Tuesday, April 4 at 2:00 PM EST/11:00 AM PST!

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