‘Survival of the Thickest’ Trailer Brings Fashion and Body Positivity to Town

“I have a passion for fashion” is the opening statement of the trailer for the new Netflix comedy The survival of the thickest.

The series stars actress, comedian and host Michelle Buteau as a fierce, plus-size black fashionista who is newly single (not by choice!) and aspires to become a stylist in New York City.

Mavis Beaumont (Michelle Buteau) is the central character of The survival of the thickest. Mavis is forced to rebuild her life as a struggling fashion designer. With the support of her chosen family, a body-positive mindset, and a cute V-neck with lip gloss, she’s determined to not only survive but also thrive.

Unfortunately, it looks like The Big Apple isn’t ready for Mavis.

She says in the preview released Wednesday, “I want to help dress women and help them love their bodies,” fitting the theme of Buteau’s famous book of essays and comedy that inspired the series.

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Tone Bell, Christine Horn and Tasha Smith are series regulars.

Guest stars include Annisa Felix, Allan K. Washington, Ambre Anderson, Anna George, Anthony Michael Lopez, Becca Blackwell, Christine Jones, Garcelle Beauvais, Hugh Moore, J. Riley Jr., Mark McKinnon, Marouane Zotti.

Buteau is executive producer of the series’ eight 25-minute episodes. Joining her as executive producers are showrunner Danielle Sanchez-Witzel, Ravi Nandan and Alli Reich for A24, Anne Hong and Mosaic (Michelle’s manager).

Writers Hillary Handelsman, Danielle Sanchez-Witzel, Michelle Buteau, ER Fightmaster, Ian Edwards, Solomon Georgio helped bring the story to life.

The series is directed by Kim Nguyen, Linda Mendoza, Amy Ainobi and Kimmy Gatewood.

The survival of the thickest premieres July 13, 2023 on Netflix.

Watch the trailer below:

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