Superman Casting: Bettors Reveal Top 15 Picks After Henry Cavill Departs | DC Universe, EG, Extended, James Gunn, peter safran, Diaporama, Superman: Just Jared

Rumors are starting to swirl about who could take on the role of Superman in the new DC Universe movie Superman: Legacy.

Since the new DC leaders, James Gunn And Stone Saffronannounced they would be recasting the role of Superman, rumor has it. Henry Cavill previously took on the role, but will no longer portray the caped superhero in any new upcoming films.

Additionally, there was a long-running rumor that the new Superman would be in his early twenties. However, james debunked this rumor and said they weren’t just looking at actors in their twenties.

We’ve compiled a list of the top names fans are betting on to become the next Superman. Bettors also reveal the odds for each pick. Note: This list is not from james And Rockbut rather from the predictions of bettors.

Keep reading to see the most popular choices to take on the role from now on…

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