Sunny Hostin Had A Deep Relationship With Late ‘The View’ Co-Creator Bill Geddie

When Bill Geddie passed away, Sunny Hostin wrote a heartfelt tribute to him on Instagram, accompanied by a sweet photo of him donning his signature squint while holding a dog, with a beautiful backdrop of a pool surrounded by mountains. “Yes, producer extraordinaire, but also one of the most humble people I had ever met,” wrote Hostin. “And the first person to believe I could be a national TV host.”

She went on to write that after she bombed an audition for “The View,” Geddie told her that she was sitting there as if she was a viewer and just watching the show. “You were supposed to be hosting the show,” she says he told her. “Lean in like I know you can!”

She then finished the statement by writing that it was exactly what she needed to hear to help her rise to the next level, “I’ve been leaning in ever since,” she wrote. “Best TV advice I’ve received. I will miss you, my friend.”

Post source: The List

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