Stranded Deep Patch Notes, Stranded Deep PS4 Patch Notes 

Stranded Deep Game

“Stranded Deep” is a survival game developed by Beam Team Games. The game puts the player in the role of a survivor of a plane crash, who finds themselves stranded on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean. The player must gather resources, build shelter, and craft tools to survive the harsh environment and dangers that the island presents. The game features an open-world environment with a day-night cycle, dynamic weather, and a variety of creatures to encounter, including sharks, crocodiles, and snakes. The player must also manage their hunger, thirst, and health, as well as deal with various hazards such as dehydration, sunstroke, and injuries. “Stranded Deep” offers a variety of gameplay mechanics, including hunting and fishing, crafting and building, exploration, and survival. The game has received generally positive reviews for its immersive gameplay and atmospheric presentation. The game was released as early access in January 2015 and its full release for the public came on august 11th 2022 with updates for the games in Linux and pc came out.

Stranded Deep Patch Notes

The stranded deep patch was started to get released as an experimental patch after 2020 it become more quality patches came with help of open video game community forums since then more patches for games followed and with each patch gameplay started to improve and players also started to like the game. 1.0 was first released on 11th august 2022 and was last released on 28th December 2022 for windows and Linux 

Stranded Deep PS4 Patch Notes

The stranded deep patch for play station 4 came from march 4 2022 the game was constantly updated. the latest patch for the game (console) was announced on beam team news and community release  on march 6th 2023 that patch 2107 was code if your console gets updated this number will get reflected on the game below the menu and there is no need to restart the game the patch includes as follows 

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed crafting combos in the “Story” section of the crafting menu remaining locked for players after defeating the bosses.

  • Fixed player being unable to craft the Boss trophies after defeating them.

  • Fixed players not being able to place ‘Hooks’ or ‘Shelves’ when attempting to craft them.

  • Fixed bonus crates only showing 5 out of 8 available slots.

  • Fixed not able to place small structures on/inside constructions.

  • Fixed Crab, Hog and Snake animals not respawning on custom islands. Use the new ‘Crab Spawner’, ‘Hog Spawner’ and ‘Snake Spawner’ items in the map editor to place animals that will respawn.

  • Fixed female character sometimes playing male audio.

  • Fixed scenarios where the player could load back with broken bones when saving in/on constructions.

  • Fixed scenario where player could save on raft after drifting beyond the world barrier, causing errors when reloading the saved game. Please note, this will not fix games that have already been saved out-of-bounds.

  • Fixed ‘Sunscreen’ duplicating on game reload.

  • Fixed ‘Spears’’ and ‘Arrows’ remaining stuck in trees after hitting fruit.

  • Fixed player dropping current item when switching items. Consolidated with the PC version.

  • Fixed scenario where player could lose interaction after crafting a placeable item.

  • Fixed a multiplayer disconnect occurring when a player selects an item in their Tool Belt UI which gets consumed or used by another player.

  • Fixed placeholder text appearing when joining multiplayer sessions.

  • Fixed loading screen message for host and client when joining a multiplayer game.

  • Fixed players unable to access crates if another player moves the crate away.

  • Fixed able to place ‘Container Shelf’ and ‘Light Hook’ at the same position.

  • Fixed scenario where interaction could be broken after dragging a projectile stuck in a ‘Coconut’.

  • Fixed jumping from a ‘Palm Tree’ causing apparent loss of item in hand.

  • Fixed scenario where camera zoom can get stuck when switching between ‘Bows’, ‘Spears’ and ‘Speargun’ very quickly.

  • Fixed ‘Drinkable Coconut’ not taking damage from projectiles.

  • Fixed being able to drag projectiles when stuck in terrain.

  • Fixed projectiles attached to sea creatures causing rafts to be bumped aggressively.

  • Fixed ‘Furnace’ ghost visuals when placing.

  • Fixed players being able to build on environments in boss areas.

  • Fixed players being able to enter emoji characters in input dialogs.

  • Fixed scenario where player input could get stuck in label maker dialog when connecting and disconnecting a controller twice.

  • Fixed label maker assigning an incorrect name when the player uses a special character in the item name.

  • Fixed player being able to change camera view mode in prologue sequence.

Changes and Adjustments:

  • Changed ‘Antidote’ crafting recipe to match the PC version.

  • Changed ‘Boat Motor’ to function as a rudder when out of fuel.

  • Changed ‘Flare Gun’ projectile behavior to match PC version.

  • Changed ‘Lantern’ brightness to match the PC version.

  • Changed inventory to auto-equip a lesser match if possible, e.g.: If throwing ‘Refined Spears’ the inventory will auto-equip a ‘Crude’ or ‘Fishing’ spear when out of ‘Refined Spears’.

  • Changed world barrier from yellow buoy balls to holographic barrier to match PC version.

  • Increased ‘Meat’ inventory capacity from 4 to 8.

  • Increased ‘Fish’ inventory capacity from 4 to 8.

  • Increased ‘Fruit’ inventory capacity from 4 to 8.

  • Improved all crafting placement.

Stranded Deep Update 1.16 Patch Notes

The latest patch for “Stranded Deep” includes several bug fixes, such as Spears and Arrows becoming stuck in trees after hitting fruit, incorrect loading screen messages for hosts and clients, duplicated Sunscreen items upon loading, and the Drinkable Coconut not taking damage from projectiles. Additionally, the update addresses an issue where projectiles attached to sea creatures were causing rafts to bump. The patch also brings two significant gameplay changes. The Antidote crafting recipe has been modified, although the details of the change have not been revealed yet. The Boat Motor will now act as a rudder when out of fuel, allowing players to steer the boat and navigate the waters until they can refuel the motor. Some of them are listed below

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