Stormy Daniels releases statement on Donald Trump’s indictment

stormy daniels officially react to donald trumpthe indictment.

Earlier this week, a New York grand jury decided to indict the former president over the hush money Stormy in the fog of his 2016 presidential campaign.

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Talk to The Sunday Times, Stormy opened up on the motion, saying “Trump is no longer untouchable. A person in power is not exempt from the law. And no matter what your job is or what your bank account says, you are held accountable for that what you have said and done, and justice is done.

She went on to share that while the grand jury’s decision is “vindication,” it’s also “bittersweet.” He did so much worse he should have been shot [for] Before. I am fully aware of the insanity of this, being a pornstar. But it’s also poetic; this p**** took over.

Stormy addressed concerns about the fallout from the indictment.

“It’s monumental and epic, and I’m proud of it,” she said. “The other side of the coin is that it will continue to divide people and raise them up in arms. He has already fled by inciting a riot and causing death and destruction. Whatever the outcome, it will provoke violence, and there will be injuries and deaths. There is the potential for much good to come from this. But in any case, much harm will also ensue.

She then explained how she was scared for “the very first time” as she was the target of threats on “all social media platforms, emails and phones”.

“Part of me is hesitant to say that, because you don’t want blood in the water. It kind of encourages the sharks. It’s especially chilling because Trump himself incites and encourages violence.

As to being called to testify at trial, Stormy says she’s ready.

“I hope I have to. I’m not afraid, I have nothing to hide and I can’t wait to tell everyone what I know.

Since the indictment, many AssetFamily members also spoke out. Read the full statement here…

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