South Park fans take a look at the celebrities they want to impersonate in the future

Harry and Meghan’s recent “South Park” parody has fans’ minds on fire with ideas of who the long-running adult animated series can shoot next. On Reddit, some think it’s high time for some notable celebrities who were previously made fun of on the show to make a comeback. Redditor u/Low-Set4167 suggests none other than one of the current kings of controversy, saying, “Elon Musk will definitely reappear.” Meanwhile, u/custom2112 offers iconic animated series tackle Leo DiCaprio and the actor’s dating habits.

One name that has been suggested by users such as u/Lolsuperboy and u/Cringeyboy1 is none other than highly controversial media personality Andrew Tate, with the latter suggesting he takes on PC Principal (voiced by Trey Parker). Tate’s reputation for toxic masculinity and recent run-ins with the law seem tailor-made for a “South Park” jab.

Still, some believe that controversial entertainment figures, such as Justin Roiland, suggested by u/howdouhavegoodnames, and Ezra Miller, suggested by u/LoudKingCrow, would be the most appropriate subjects for satire. “South Park” has never been afraid to tackle some hot topics, and it looks like their lineup of controversial celebrities won’t be cooling off anytime soon.

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