Sonia Pizarro Cause of Death, How Did She Die? Check Here!

Sonia Pizarro Cause of Death

Sonia Pizarro, a 60-year-old TV personality known for her appearance on Operation Repo, passed away in May 2023. Her niece, Lyndah Pizarro, confirmed her death to TMZ on May 4, 2023, stating that her aunt had passed away in her sleep at her home in Arizona.

While the cause of her death was not disclosed, Lyndah mentioned that Sonia had a history of serious health problems. In 2018, she was hospitalized due to a stroke, although it is unknown whether it was related to her passing. Following the news of her death, fans expressed their condolences on Twitter.

How Did Sonia Pizarro Die?

The reason for the death of Sonia Pizarro, a television personality, has not yet been officially announced by medical professionals. However, her family has revealed some information to TMZ regarding her passing.

Sonia’s niece, Lyndah Pizarro, stated that Sonia died peacefully in her sleep on May 3. The former reality star had a history of health issues that may have contributed to her sudden passing. Although Sonia’s 2018 stroke was not the cause of her death, there may have been other health concerns that her family members were not aware of.

Who was Sonia Pizarro?

Sonia Pizarro was a well-known television personality, particularly for her role in the truTV reality series Operation Repo, which aired in the early 2010s. She was also recognized for her appearances in movies such as Repo Chick (2009) and Followed (2018).

Despite her career success, Pizarro preferred to stay out of the public eye and was not active on social media platforms. Therefore, there is limited information available regarding her personal life beyond her professional accomplishments. However, her sudden passing has led to an outpouring of condolences and tributes from fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry.

Operation Repo Star Sonia Pizarro Dead at 60

On Thursday, it was revealed that Sonia Pizarro, famous for her role on the reality show Operation Repo, had passed away at the age of 60. Her ex-husband and former co-star on the show, Froylan Tercero, shared the sad news on Instagram.

In his post, Tercero expressed his deep sorrow and referred to Sonia as a “bada– chick” who was admired by many. He also fondly remembered her as his ex-wife and the mother of his son, adding that she will always hold a special place in his heart and on his body, as he still has her name tattooed on his stomach. Tercero revealed that he would be taking a break from social media, but thanked Sonia for all the wonderful memories they shared.

Was Sonia Pizarro Married?

Sonia Pizarro first gained fame as a result of her marriage to Froylan Tercero, a fellow star on the reality show Operation Repo. Although the couple divorced at some point, it is currently unclear whether Pizarro remarried thereafter.

Following her passing, Tercero expressed his love for Pizarro, stating that she would always hold a special place in his heart and that he would honor her memory by cherishing the good times they shared. Pizarro is survived by three children, Ruby, Robert, and Froylan Jr., as well as three grandchildren, Bryant, Brie, and Danica.

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