Sommer Ray in her extremely tiny bikini takes a cold dip

Sommer Ray dunks her bikini body in ice cold water!

The influencer and entrepreneur returned to her Instagram page and posted a tantalizing video, which showed off her latest activity. Ray took on a chilling challenge while dressed in her tiny two-piece.

Sommer Ray’s little bikini

Sommer Ray posing for the camera.
Instagram | Sommer Ray

The 26-year-old wore a teal number that popped against her glowing tan. Her bikini top featured widely spaced triangle cups, allowing the beauty to show off much of her perky cleavage. Since the swimsuit was too small, it did not contain its many assets. Therefore, she spilled out to the sides – displaying a striking view of her sideboob and underboob. The straps stretched around his ribcage and the other pair of strings were secured behind his neck, which also helped accentuate his toned arms. Ray’s top also featured some serious cleavage, thanks to the plunging neckline.

The founder of Imaraïs Beauty wore stockings of the same color. Her side straps stretched to her hips and waist, emphasizing her slender figure. Plus, the low-cut front showed off Ray’s taut midriff and abs. The piece also featured high cuts on the legs that exposed a lot of skin.

Sommer Ray showing off his amazingly toned physique

Sommer Ray posing for the camera.
Instagram | Sommer Ray

Ray sported bright makeup and left her long ombre locks. She had two necklaces, bracelets and lots of rings as accessories.

The video saw Ray presenting his fit figure to the camera and noting, “I just did my cold dip.”

She then turned and headed for the white tub. The internet sensation lifted the gray cover and looked over her shoulder before removing the cover completely.

Sommer Ray braves cold water

Ray returned to the tub with her back shown on camera. She twisted her body while pulling her hair up into a bun. When finished, the model playfully stuck her tongue out and adjusted her bikini bottom.

She then went into the tub and lowered her body. Instantly, Ray felt cold, as seen in his reaction.

Sommer Ray wows fans

Sommer Ray posing for the camera.
Instagram | Sommer Ray

According to Ray, she spent “3 minutes” in the cold dip. »

She also shared the “benefits,” such as “decrease inflammation, deliver a huge endorphin rush, increase dopamine, improve sleep and mood, reduce stress, help with aches and pains, boost injury recovery and reduce swelling”.

Ray also noted in the caption, “Love my @plunge 🥶”

Get tons of compliments

Sommer Ray posing for the camera.
Instagram | Sommer Ray

The video was a treat for Ray’s avid admirers, and they showed their appreciation by showering it with likes and comments.

“You look great but no thanks you’re gonna do this ✨alone✨ 😂❤️,” TV personality Jena Frumes wrote.

“I love cold dive videos now for some reason,” another follower joked.

“Yeah you’re so sexy but your buns are so iconic (hair),” the third user remarked.

She did it before

Sommer Ray posing for the camera.
Instagram | Sommer Ray

This isn’t the first time Ray has attempted the cold plunge. As reported by The Blast, she went to Dr. Refresh Med Spa in West Hollywood, Calif., and took on the challenge in February.

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