SHOCKING! Woman arrested after filming herself having S3x with dog

A woman has been arrested in Mississippi after allegedly having sex with a dog and posting “extremely graphic” videos of the abuse on social media.

Denise Frazier, 19, was charged with unnatural sexual intercourse and aggravated cruelty to an animal.

A concerned resident alerted police to the videos and, upon investigation, they found them “so graphic” that officers weren’t even allowed to discuss them.

Sergeant JD Carter of the Jones County Sheriff’s Department said it was one of the most disturbing cases he had ever investigated in his 17 years of law enforcement.

Frazier admitted to police that she was the one who had sex with an animal in the video, but she claimed she was forced to do the heinous acts.

She also said that “people pay [her]for videos. However, there is no evidence to support his alibi and investigations are ongoing.

Carter said there may be more videos filmed in other counties, and they alerted nearby sheriff’s departments.

The dogs were seized from the residence where Frazier was arrested and taken to a local veterinary hospital. One of the dogs was a German Shepherd that Frazier called a “service dog.”

Frazier made his first court appearance on April 6 and his bail was set at $25,000. If found guilty, Frazier could be jailed for up to 10 years.

This case highlights the disturbing trend of animal sexual abuse, also known as bestiality. Bestiality is a form of animal cruelty that involves engaging in sexual acts with animals.

It is illegal in most countries and recognized as a serious offence. Those who engage in bestiality not only cause damage and suffering to animals, but also put them at risk of disease and injury.

It is important that law enforcement take a strong stance against bestiality and cruelty to animals in general.

Animal welfare should be a top priority, and those who commit these offenses must be held accountable for their actions. It is also essential to raise public awareness of the seriousness of bestiality and the harm it causes to animals.

In conclusion, Denise Frazier’s arrest is a stark reminder of the disturbing trend in animal sexual abuse. This case highlights the need for stricter laws and tougher penalties for those who engage in zoophilia.

Animal welfare must be a top priority and we must work together to end this cruel and inhumane practice.


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