SHARP! Dump your girlfriend if she can’t afford the Ghc 11,000 bill – BBNaija’s Tochi Warnings

Big Brother Naija 2020 housemate Tochi has caused controversy with his recent advice to men on what to do if they find themselves dating a woman who cannot support them financially.

The reality TV star took inspiration from her Instagram story to advise men that if their girlfriend cannot pay a bill of 500,000 naira (equivalent to GHC 11,880) when their card is declined, they should throw and run away.

Tochi’s advice drew mixed reactions, with some people agreeing with him while others criticized him for his statements.

Many have argued that the advice is unrealistic and promotes materialism and greed in relationships.

Instagram user Dave_Super_ commented on Tochi’s post, saying the advice is simply promoting the idea that men should have standards in relationships.

He argued that men should date women in the same tax bracket as them, rather than dating women and relying solely on their money to attract women.

Tochi’s controversial post has sparked a conversation about financial expectations in relationships, with many questioning whether it’s fair to expect a partner to pay such a high bill.

Some have argued that relationships should be based on love and mutual respect, rather than financial ability.

Overall, Tochi’s advice has sparked an interesting debate about what constitutes a healthy and fair relationship and whether financial ability should be a determining factor in the success of a relationship.

While some agree with her statements, others have criticized her views, saying love and respect should be the foundation of any successful relationship.


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