Shameless fans make their dislike for Tami clear

Although many “Shameless” fans seem to despise Tami Tamietti due to her aggressive personality and constant cruelty to Lip, others claimed she was a bland character who added nothing to the show.

“She was so boring,” u/spongebob5745 wrote. “I had ZERO investment with her character, despite the writers really trying their best to make us love her, which just didn’t work out.” “Tami and Lip have zero chemistry,” u/Cheezy_Beard added. “I can hardly believe they’re even friends, let alone in love with each other.” Other users, like u/daisyhwayze, seemed baffled by the decision to make Tami such an important character in the first place, saying her whole family never mattered to the story, even though she herself became a main character towards the end. from the Serie.

“I thought it was weird that she was such a small character before, then all of a sudden she’s back and pregnant with Lip’s child,” echoed u/chubonabox, noting how point Tami has to do with the story before she miraculously falls in love with Lip. These comments make it clear that most fans either have abundant hatred for Tami Tamietti or just can’t click with her character.

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