Seven Deadly Sins Story Clip Shows Family Feud

Things heat up in a preview clip for Lifetime Pride: A Tale of Seven Deadly Sins.

Grammy-winning Stephanie Mills stars in the film as bakery owner and “Birdie Moore” reality TV star.

The video shows Birdie and her son Gabe (Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles) arguing over another family member getting half of Birdie’s business.

“She gets the half that would have belonged to your sister,” Birdie says to a furious Gabe.

“My sister isn’t here,” Gabe retorts to his mother. “I am! I was the one who put on all the fuss.

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The film is based on real events and follows Birdie as her world begins to crumble when her family’s secrets come to the surface. To save her legacy, she must let go of the pride that led to a rift with her daughter. Birdie’s pride also keeps her from seeing that Gabe is actually a thieving opportunist and that her granddaughter Ella (Keeya King) is a lost twenty-something trying to rebuild her life.

Grammy-winning singer Erica Campbell plays the “Pastor Trey” that warns the family of the dangers of too much pride. The cast also includes Lucia Walters (Virgin River) and Jaime M. Callica (Ruthless).

The film is the fifth installment in Lifetime’s Seven capital sins franchise, all based on novels by author Victoria Christopher Murray, who is a consulting producer on this latest film.

Previous movies — Desire, envy, anger And Greed – drew nearly 7 million total viewers in 2022.

The fifth installment is produced by Neshama Entertainment, TD Jakes Enterprises, DNA Media Group and RobinHood Productions in association with MarVista Entertainment.

Troy Scott is directing from a screenplay written by Felicia Brooker. Executive producers include TD Jakes, Derrick Williams and Shaun Robinson as well as Larry Grimaldi, Hannah Pillemer and Fernando Szew for MarVista Entertainment, and Arnie Zipursky and Suzanne Berger for Neshama.

Pride: A Tale of Seven Deadly Sins premieres Saturday, April 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

Watch the preview clip below:

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