‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Kenya Reunites With Former Lover

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looking for brother husband viewers will get to see Kenya Stevens reunite with her former lover, David. She is actively looking for another partner despite having two men. Yet, is David the one she’s been waiting for, and is it time for them to reconnect? Read on for more details.

looking for brother husband Kenya finds her former lover

Kenya has been married to Carl for almost thirty years. However, she also has her lover, Tiger. The two share a bedroom and are also preparing to get married. Although she has two men she loves very much, Kenya always wants more. THE looking for brother husband star is looking for an additional partner. More so, she and her in-laws were looking for a bigger home to accommodate the new additions. Kenya is in the mindset that she should have her own room for entertainment. Tiger is not a fan of this.

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Last week’s preview for Sunday’s episode showed the return of Kenya’s former flame, David. Now, a clip from TLC shows her preparing to see him again and the excitement she has. The moment he gets to the door, Kenya rushes towards him and is overwhelmed with excitement. They are then shown doing body paint with each other. Between these moments, Tiger and Carl are obviously not amused. Carl has always been more comfortable with Kenya’s desire to take on more partners.

He has his own room and prefers his own space. More so, he likes to be alone and feels good with his wife sharing a room with Tiger. Tiger wants him and Kenya to connect on a deeper level. That’s why he’s so adamant that they get married but she hesitates. For her, a marriage is a mixture of families. Also, his parents won’t be attending a ceremony, so that’s another thing that made Kenya postpone a wedding with him. He’s also not a fan of her having her own room to entertain other men.

How are the other couples doing?

Although Kenya is happily exploring Looking for brother husband, another couple has to explain their situation. Elisa and Mike bring her parents over so they can talk about Elisa dating other men. They want them to understand why they have chosen this way of life. However, Mike’s parents are not a fan of what Elisa does. Can they convince them otherwise or will it just be an even bigger mess?

Do you think Kenya and David will rekindle their flame? Plus, will Mike’s parents ever accept their poly lifestyle? Let us know and watch looking for brother husband Sundays on TLC.

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