School board candidate wants to ban book she can’t spell

Carolyn Rachaner, an anti-masker, is a Denton ISD school board candidate who wants a book she can’t spell banned. And she would fit in as a character in The Handmaid’s Tale, a futuristic dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood. Of course, she wouldn’t be one of the good guys in the book.

Rachaner asked the school district to pull “The Handmaiden’s Tale” (not Handmaiden’s Tale as the title of the book) from the shelves, saying, “Whoever approved this book should be fired; I believe I will have to involve the forces of order; Trash it and order a mental health examination for the perpetrator.”

It’s science fiction, but it’s based on real events. Atwood based everything in the book on events she had found in news articles published around the world.

Rachaner is an anti-mask.

We truly live in the dumbest timeline. I often wonder what my conservative mother would think if she were alive. His party voted in favor of the grab, banned books and fired on cases of Bud Light. Oh, and I should tell him about a prominent Republican’s war on Mickey Mouse.

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