Scares as Ghanaian police officers tactically disarm machete-wielding suspect (VIDEO)

A clique of Ghanaian police officers in the Upper East region proved beyond expectation in tactically disarming a machete-wielding suspect – netizens have praised their courageous conduct.

In a viral video making the rounds online available on, a machete-wielding suspect in the Upper East region refused to surrender his gun.

The police approached the man, who had been reported to them for threatening to harm his wife, to arrest him and send him to the police station. They demanded that the man put down his machete, but he refused, insisting he would only put it down if they told him why he was going to be arrested.

The officers, speaking in Twi, continued to order him to lay down the cutlass. An interpreter spoke to the suspect in Gurune but he stood his ground, telling Gurune that he should be told why they had come to his house to apprehend him.

The interpreter said it had to do with his wife. He still wouldn’t let go of his cutlass. The armed police, refraining from firing, made one of them approach while asking him to lay down his machete. While distracted, the officer hit his hand and the cutlass fell.

He was then quickly subdued. One officer stepped on his neck and head while another handcuffed him.

The officers in the viral video received praise for acting professionally during the arrest. Many praised them for not shooting him, but rather disarming and then arresting him.

the police disarm the man with the machete

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