Salish Matter – Bio, Net worth, Parents, Age, Facts, Height, Wiki

Salish material is an american instagram star, YouTuberAnd celebrity girl. She rose to fame after being featured on her father’s popular Instagram, TikTok and YouTube channels. Salish also has her own Instagram account, with the username (@saysaymatter), where she has amassed over 790,000 followers.

Similarly, Salish also has a self-titled YouTube account where she has amassed 15 million subscribers. She is a level six gymnast. She appeared in a TikTok dancing to Ciara’s song “Get Up” in February 2020. She has done several collaborations with Nidal Wonder and she calls him her best friend. Likewise, she has made collaboration videos with many popular YouTube families, including The Royalty Family and Matt & Rebecca.

Who are the parents of Salish Matter?

Salish Matter was born on November 29, 2009, which makes her current age of 13 in 2022. She is from Nyack, New York, United States. She is her father’s daughter, Jordan Matterand his mother, laurent boyer. Her father is an author, photographer and social media star while her mother is a veterinarian. She also has a brother, Hudson’s Matter who is a YouTuber, photographer and social media personality. She is very close to her parents and siblings. she often uploads photos to Instagram with her brother. She grew up in a well-established Christian family. His paternal great-grandfather pioneered the use of photomontage in commercial art during World War II. She owns American and she belongs to Swiss-American ethnic origin.

In January 2022, Salish Matter was a college student. She started her middle school classes in September 2021.

How was Salish Matter’s career?

  • Salish Matter is a rising Instagram star as well as a gymnast. From an early age, Salish started using the social media platform with Instagram uploading his photos, workouts and acrobatic skills becoming a center of attraction around the world.
  • As she is very young to use social networks, her parents manage her Instagram account (@saysaymatter). She has gained over 790,000 followers on the platform. His parents are very supportive and motivated towards his profession. She often appears on her father’s YouTube channel.
  • She also has her own YouTube channel called “Jordan Matter” which has over 15 million subscribers as of March 2023.

Is Salish Matter dating anyone?

Salish Matter is too young to be in a relationship as she is only 13 years old. She is currently focusing on her studies alongside her career. She is single at the moment and there are no news or rumors about her dating and relationship with anyone. She is enjoying her current life happily without any disturbance. She’s straight when it comes to her sexuality.

What is the net worth of Salish Matter?

Salish Matter is an Instagram star and social media personality. She earns a lot of money through her social media career, which is her main source of wealth. At a young age, she earns an income between $20,000 and $50,000.

According to the site,, Salish Matter has an estimated net worth of $3 million. She is a young and famous social media star. Thanks to his dedication and hard work, Salish will soon reach a huge net worth in the near future. She currently leads a comfortable life. She had donated the money she had won, via a treasure hunt set up by her older brother, on the occasion of her 10th birthday to a charity that works for the well-being of stray animals.

How big is Salish Matter?

Salish Matter is a girl who has a very sweet and attractive personality. She has fair skin and a pretty face. She has a slim body with a pair of dark brown eyes and light brown hair. She is a fitness freak and does regular workouts and yoga.

Salish is 4 feet 10 inches or 147.5 cm tall while his body weight is 45 kg or 99 pounds. She has a petite figure with a cheerful smile. She has a healthy body. She is a vegetarian. In March 2021, she had to get braces, which prevented her from eating chewy foods or her favorite sweets. To ease his pain, his father had bought him 10 pounds worth of sweets just before his dentist appointment. However, her father did not give her all the candy right away. Instead, he planned a 30-minute scavenger hunt that she had to complete to win all those candies. After she finished the scavenger hunt, she shared some of her hard-earned candy with the local kids. The colors of her suspenders, pink and purple, were chosen by spinning a wheel that had included several other colors chosen by subscribers to her father’s YouTube channel.

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