“Sailboat below deck”: who is Alex Propson?

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Sailboat under the bridge fans want to know more about deckhand Alex Propson. He caught their attention on Monday’s premiere episode. Some would say he’s the sexiest man to ride the Parsifal III. Keep reading to learn more about the new crew member.

Who is Alex Propson?

Sailboat under the bridge Season 4 premiered Monday night (April 10). Alex Propson turned heads with his tall stature and good looks. It is likely that he will catch the eye of the female crew members. He has already caught the attention of viewers who wanted to know more about him.

Alex Propson on the boat [Source: Alex Propson - Instagram]
[Source: Alex Propson – Instagram]

By BravoTV.com, Alex is the captain of his own boat, the Nauti Man. He currently resides in South Florida, where he also works most of the time. Alex is also a male model. He often posts pictures of himself on instagram. Sailboat under the bridge fans would also be treated to his shirtless photos.

The producers showed off a lot of her modeling snaps during the season premiere. However, Alex’s main job is in the yachting industry. He started working in the industry while living in Los Angeles, where he also works as a model. He then moved to Florida, where he worked as a deckhand and became a captain.

Alex Propson sucking spaghetti with a blonde woman [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Alex is now a USCG 100T Captain. He received his US Coast Guard captain’s license after working on a 100-ton boat. In addition to yachting, Alex dives in the waters, plays basketball and practices yoga. He shares his travels on instagramlike many of the Sailboat under the bridge boaters do.

From Sailboat under the bridge For winter house

This won’t be Alex’s first and only time on a Bravo show. He also announced that he would be joining the new cast of winter house. The other Bravo stars have already shared their thoughts. fan account cheers by gays announced that Alex will be joining Season 3 of winter house.

Sailboat under the bridge fans have already checked out her beauty at the premiere. Now the other Bravo stars have taken notice. THE instagram shared three shirtless snaps of Alex in a rocking chair with his hair down. He smoldered on camera as he held up his glasses and rocked black shorts.

Real Girlfriends of Paris star Adja Touré commented: “Oh my God.” winter house Star Julia McGuire added: “Okkkkkkkkk.” Katie Maloney Vanderpump Rules was also thirsty. She asked, “Excuse me?!?!”

What do you think of Alex Propson on Sailboat under the bridge Season 4? Do you agree that he is one of the sexiest guys on Team Parsifal III? Are you surprised to learn that he is joining winter house Season 3? Sound off below in the comments section.

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