Ryan Paevey likes to bring his thirst for adventure to his flagship films

Ryan Paevey is an outdoor enthusiast. He often posts his climbing adventures or his Harley-Davidson motorcycles on Instagram. In the movie “Two Tickets to Paradise”, Paevey did all of his own stunts on location in Hawaii, including surfing. He would also like to add Josh Wyatt’s Hawaiian antics to his character. “Let’s go back to Hawaii and shoot one where he takes a motorcycle that has one of these little platforms on the side – so I can put my surfboard on it – down to the beach and we go surfing,” said he teased (per Wide Open Pays).

Paevey was keen to do his own stunts in the film. In an interview with TV Insider, he explained that he told the team, “Don’t hire a double. I will. I grew up surfing. You can’t take me to Hawaii for six weeks and expect me not to get in the water. His enthusiasm paid off and “Two Tickets to Paradise” became part of Hallmark’s Summer Nights film series in 2022.

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