Roy and Keeley might not get back together, and that’s okay

From the beginning of this goldfish out of water story, the show’s message was clear: accept the things you can’t change, but believe that everyone has better versions of them- same. Unfortunately, in Roy and Keeley’s case, the timing of their independent epiphanies just wasn’t in sync with each other.

Since leaving selfish Jamie (Phil Dunster), Keeley has gone from strength to strength. However, his rapid personal growth exceeded that of Roy by several miles. His journey to becoming a business mogul was misinterpreted by his former flame. After Keeley rattled Richmond’s assistant gaffer, it led to the constantly enraged Roy struggling to rein in the feelings he had put aside for years. Opening up to someone he cared so much about, the only thing he saw was that she was better off without him, even though it was his support that helped her believe in her dreams. .

As Goldstein explained to Glamour, “Basically, he thinks he’s not worthy and he doesn’t deserve this love; I think it’s sort of three steps forward, two steps back. It’s a slow process, but in a season where people move on, Roy could turn a corner – thanks to the help of an unlikely ally.

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