Ron Johnson isn’t sure about admitting he’s wrong about Biden Docs

Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley and House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer have both alleged without evidence that Joe Biden was involved in a bribery scheme when he was vice president. So far, no evidence has been provided. These allegations have been circulating for some time and controversial representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is suggesting impeachment of the President on these unsubstantiated assertions.

Seriously, just put up or shut the fuck up. Then Senator Ron Johnson weighed in on Fox News to prove what an ethical bankrupt guy he is.

“Quick, before I let you go, senator, will your colleagues release these underlying documents to the public?” asked the Fox News host.

“We know the whistleblower will remain protected, but what about the allegations?” she added. “Will the American people see them?

“Well, we’ll have to see what’s in there,” Johnson admitted. “You know, see if these are credible allegations, whether or not they are related to other wrongdoings by the Biden family.”

“And if they turn out not to be credible, sir, will your colleagues recognize it, do you think?” asked the Fox expert. “There are only a few seconds left.”

“It will be up to them,” Johnson said. “They are the ones who will get the documents.”

I have questions! Who is ‘them’ and does he admit they might not recognize if they messed up by falsely accusing Biden of crimes? It sure sounds like that. Plus, he admitted he didn’t know what was in it. The party of personal responsibility, you guys.

Do better, GOP.

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